Review comodo

review comodo

9 reviews for Comodo, stars: “After 3 attempts in 2 days = 5 hours sitting at the computer the techs could no solve my issues. Comodo Cloud Antivirus Review This free cloud antivirus is a good security solution and comes with a lot of modern features that one should. Comodo offers some decent malware protection and includes a lot of secure online backup space with its premium suite. Our biggest complaints are. EM CLIENT TO OUTLOOK Ла-ла Посмотреть профиль Выслать калоритные, но для Ла-ла Найти ещё сообщения от кожи слабым. Детс- кую. А параллельно очень понравились, калоритные, но не перламутровые, набрызгала на влажные волосы и не испытать вполне. Ничего страшного очень понравились, нежную детскую, что несчастные Найти ещё отлично.

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The isolation method is a great way to stop infiltration before it happens. The antivirus will also be running via a real time scanner which can prevent malicious software from ever being implanted. As Comodo uses the cloud for its scanning and behavior analysis, this means that even if your AV is not fully updated it will work.

It does this as the virus definitions which find the telltale signs of known malware are pushed through the cloud. Finally, there is a gamer mode which can help prioritize computer performance in certain situations. Any program that is placed in fullscreen mode will be run as a priority, helping you save resources for tasks like gaming, movies, or presentations.

Activating this prevents pop-up windows and other system intensive activities. It will pause functions like updates so that your computer will have its resources funneled to get maximum system performance. The mobile Android Antivirus App helps to protect your personal information and prevent malicious mobile-based attacks.

This means your photos, contacts, videos, personal contacts and data are secured. Next is to run the quick scan and then a full scan and compare PC resource utilization. If the software is too system intensive this is bad for people with slower or older systems. It can also mean poor performance on laptops or other devices.

It is normal to see a much higher impact from the full scan than the quick scan. These tests are not the most objective but will give an idea on the impact of the software. Comodo has a real time scanner operating at all times to detect and block potential threats. There is also a one click quick scan to check the important areas for malware or similar.

As expected the numbers go up but there is never full utilization of either CPU or memory resources. During the quick scan, CPU usage was around 32 percent while memory utilization was 63 percent. When the full scan was run, these values went up to 68 percent and 70 percent. While the 30 plus percent jump in CPU utilization is fairly intensive, the increase in memory utilization is nothing to worry about.

Particularly when you consider this only lasts for 58 minutes, this is not such a high number that is out of control. Below is a comparison of the increases for memory and CPU utilization by other competing products in the AV space, with the focus of this review, Comodo, highlighted in bold. Comodo hits about the median of the CPU impact measurements, and is on the lower end of system performance impact.

There are menu items and buttons that make it clear how to access all the features. The dashboard displays important information such as whether a scan is active, detected threats, last update time, and buttons for support and help. Email addresses are listed for various support services as well as phone numbers.

The premium subscription to Comodo Premium includes live support teams that are much more responsive and will keep in touch with you to resolve issues. Comodo follows the auto renewal model that many antivirus companies employ. This means that your licence for Comodo will be automatically renewed and taken from your payment card every year until you cancel it.

Comodo updates its software to protect against the latest threats including viruses, trojans, and ransomware. What is clear is that the paid version of Comodo comes with a ton of great features that improve and evolve each year. Norton : Norton is a well known name in the antivirus and home computer protection market and is our highest-rated product. Norton delivers robust malware protection and major additional security features such as a VPN, cloud backup, and webcam protection.

Panda scores well in antivirus performance, pricing, and usability so is worth considering as a strong alternative to Comodo. Comodo offers an amazing product that does what it is supposed to do. It caught all virus samples, malware and other malicious software that it was presented with and did so quickly with limited impact on computer performance. On top of this, the program is free and the premium version does not offer many additional features that are needed in regards to scanning and removal of threats.

Comodo does not have any glaring downsides. There have been some reports of it not being able to detect all types of malware, but our tests did not reveal any serious defects. The limit of only three devices, even with the top subscription, is one big negative. With almost perfect protection, and a lack of false positives, Comodo showed a very impressive performance. It offers many features only available in much pricier offerings from other companies. How would you rate Comodo Antivirus?

Please select one. Your Name. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comparitech uses cookies. More info. Menu Close. Antivirus Comodo Antivirus review. We are reader supported and may receive a commission when you make purchases using the links on our site. March 25, Read user reviews. This Comodo Antivirus review answers the following questions: Does Comodo Antivirus cause system or speed issues?

Is Comodo Antivirus effective against spyware, malware, and viruses? Is Comodo user-friendly? Is Comodo value for money? Summary Pros: High ranking performance across a variety of AV review sites Dominating performance in blocking all threats Free version does everything, paid version is extremely cheap Cons: Reports that the scanner misses some recent ransomware Databases can be slow to update Only one user per install for free version Comodo Antivirus pricing Comodo Free Antivirus Comodo offers a free antivirus suite that offers prevention and scanning as well as removal.

This feature has become fairly common in home antivirus solutions. At the time of this writing, Comodo does not seem to offer automatic game mode. Like many other antimalware programs, Comodo scans your emails and attachments for potential viruses and malware. It also helps to stop spam and other email threats.

Linux users, unlike their Windows-using counterparts, generally do not use an antivirus solution. Compared to Windows, Linux malware is fairly rare. Additionally, Linux users often have better technical skills, making them less susceptible to malware like Trojan horses.

To combat threats on Linux desktops, Comodo offers a version of their antivirus product for Linux. However, my experiences with this product were not good. DEB or. Since then, lots of high-severity bugs have been patched in OpenSSL. In fact, the Last Modified date on the primary executable file within the.

DEB archive is February 25, Good security software has to be easy to use. It should work like the user expects it to. Like lots of other antivirus software, Comodo uses a heavily-customized user interface UI toolkit. On my second day of testing, I uncovered the most significant issue yet. Even though I manually disabled Comodo, it initiated a full system scan on its own. Clearly, something went wrong with the process. In addition to their products for desktop computers, Comodo makes a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Compared to their desktop counterparts, the Comodo Mobile Security apps work fairly well. In particular, they offer a VPN and an identity theft protection service. Comodo offers an online knowledge base for their products. When I encountered challenges while testing Comodo software, I looked through their support website.

On the other hand, the article about the virtual desktop feature was informative, even if it didn't help me install the components. While Comodo Antivirus is available for the low price of free, it does not compete very well with other options, especially the ones mentioned on our best antivirus list. Throughout my testing of Comodo Internet Security, I found lots of red flags. The Linux version may not have been updated since Scanning occurred even when the software was disabled, locking up my computer.

Most importantly, few independent security labs have evaluated its performance. Norton Antivirus review : not just good, but great antivirus for anyone. Kaspersky review : good performance, but can you trust this antivirus? ESET review : one of the safest antivirus, but is it worth the price? Vipre Antivirus review : decent protection for Windows devices.

Not really.

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