Mysql workbench print tables

mysql workbench print tables

This guide will show you how you can view all table columns in MySQL Workbench, free management and development tool for MySQL database. Short solution · Log into your database using the mysql command line client · Issue the use command to connect to your desired database (such as. Select Database, select table and click icon as shown in picture. enter image description here. CASCADE MYSQL WORKBENCH Детс- кую не обезжиривает ли кооперировать. воды,на по- может зудеть 10 л.. Ла-ла Посмотреть ванну требуется так сильно, Botox.

A " test " database is provided during installation for your testing. Let us begin with a simple example - a product sales database. A product sales database typically consists of many tables, e. Let's call our database " southwind " inspired from Microsoft's Northwind Trader sample database.

We shall begin with the first table called " products " with the following columns having data types as indicated and rows:. For example,. For robustness, the SHOW command back-quotes all the identifiers, as illustrated in the above example. The command " USE databaseName " sets a particular database as the default or current database. You can reference a table in the default database using tableName directly. But you need to use the fully-qualified databaseName.

In our example, we have a database named " southwind " with a table named " products ". If we issue " USE southwind " to set southwind as the default database, we can simply call the table as " products ". Otherwise, we need to reference the table as " southwind. To create a table, you need to define all its columns, by providing the columns' name , type , and attributes.

Let's create a table " products " in our database " southwind ". We define 5 columns in the table products : productID , productCode , name , quantity and price. The types are:. NULL is a special value indicating "no value", "unknown value" or "missing value".

In our case, these columns shall have a proper value. We also set the default value of the columns. The column will take on its default value, if no value is specified during the record creation. We set the column productID as the so-called primary key. Values of the primary-key column must be unique.

Every table shall contain a primary key. This ensures that every row can be distinguished from other rows. You can specify a single column or a set of columns e. An index is build automatically on the primary-key column to facilitate fast search. Primary key is also used as reference by other tables. Let's fill up our " products " table with rows. Take note that strings must be enclosed with a pair of single quotes or double quotes. The most common, important and complex task is to query a database for a subset of data that meets your needs - with the SELECT command.

The ordering of string depends on the so-called collation chosen. You can perform arithmetic operations on numeric fields using arithmetic operators, as tabulated below:. You can also invert a condition using operator NOT.

For examples,. NULL is a special value, which represent "no value", "missing value" or "unknown value". If several rows have the same value in columnA , it will be ordered according to columnB , and so on. For strings, the ordering could be case-sensitive or case-insensitive, depending on the so-called character collating sequence used. To continue to the following records , you could specify the number of rows to be skipped, followed by the number of rows to be displayed in the LIMIT clause, as follows:.

You could use the keyword AS to define an alias for an identifier such as column name, table name. The alias will be used in displaying the name. It can also be used as reference. Take note that the identifier " Unit Price " contains a blank and must be back-quoted.

You can also concatenate a few columns as one e. The file extension of ". Our example so far involves only one table " products ". A practical database contains many related tables. Products have suppliers. If each product has one supplier, and each supplier supplies only one product known as one-to-one relationship , we can simply add the supplier's data name, address, phone number into the products table.

Suppose that each product has one supplier, and a supplier may supply zero or more products known as one-to-many relationship. Putting the supplier's data into the products table results in duplication of data. This is because one supplier may supply many products, hence, the same supplier's data appear in many rows. This not only wastes the storage but also easily leads to inconsistency as all duplicate data must be updated simultaneously.

The situation is even more complicated if one product has many suppliers, and each supplier can supply many products, in a many-to-many relationship. Suppose that each product has one supplier, and each supplier supplies one or more products. We could create a table called suppliers to store suppliers' data e. We create a column with unique value called supplierID to identify every suppliers. We set supplierID as the primary key for the table suppliers to ensure uniqueness and facilitate fast search.

To relate the suppliers table to the products table, we add a new column into the products table - the supplierID. We then set the supplierID column of the products table as a foreign key references the supplierID column of the suppliers table to ensure the so-called referential integrity. We need to first create the suppliers table, because the products table references the suppliers table.

The suppliers table is known as the parent table; while the products table is known as the child table in this relationship. Next, we shall add a foreign key constraint on the supplierID columns of the products child table to the suppliers parent table, to ensure that every supplierID in the products table always refers to a valid supplierID in the suppliers table - this is called referential integrity.

For example, to list the product's name in products table and supplier's name in suppliers table , we could join the two table via the two common supplierID columns:. In the above query result, two of the columns have the same heading " name ". We could create aliases for heading s. The database diagram is as illustrated. The link indicates a one-to-many relationship between products and suppliers. Suppose that a product has many suppliers; and a supplier supplies many products in a so-called many-to-many relationship.

The above solution breaks. You cannot include the supplierID in the products table, as you cannot determine the number of suppliers, and hence, the number of columns needed for the supplierID s. Similarly, you cannot include the productID in the suppliers table, as you cannot determine the number of products. To resolve this problem, you need to create a new table, known as a junction table or joint table , to provide the linkage.

The primary key of the table consists of two columns: productID and supplierID , as their combination uniquely identifies each rows. This primary key is defined to ensure uniqueness. Two foreign keys are defined to set the constraint to the two parent tables. Next, remove the supplierID column from the products table. This column was added to establish the one-to-many relationship. It is no longer needed in the many-to-many relationship.

Before this column can be removed, you need to remove the foreign key that builds on this column. To remove a key in MySQL, you need to know its constraint name, which was generated by the system. The database diagram is as follows. Both products and suppliers tables exhibit a one-to-many relationship to the junction table.

The many-to-many relationship is supported via the junction table. Suppose that some products have optional data e. Backup: Before we conclude this example, let's run the mysqldump utility program to dump out backup the entire southwind database. You can restore from the backup by running the script either:. In the relational model, a table shall not contain duplicate rows, because that would create ambiguity in retrieval.

To open, right-click a table in the object browser of the Navigator pane and choose Table Inspector from the context menu. The Table Inspector shows information related to the table. The next figure shows an example using the sakila. Table Data Search Tab. Export or Import a Table. Main Editor Window. Foreign Keys Tab. Partitioning Tab. Object Management. Object Browser and Editor Navigator. Session and Object Information Panel.

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